ICEF WorkShop Dubai

Edify Group of Companies participated at ICEF Workshop Dubai 2018. It was a wonderful experience and exposure. Almost 120 Universities and Service providers attended the event where Edify Group held meeting with 28 Institutes including service providers. We are happy to announce our new partners Mercan Investment Group to sign agreement with our company and edify has launched ” Portugal Golden Visa ” scheme in Pakistan with collaboration with Mercan Group. The CEO of Mercan Group Mr Jerry Morgan were really excited to tap a new market like Pakistan in this reference. Also Edify Group feels real Honour to work with a giant group like Mercan and will continue their efforts to provided maximum help and assistance to Mercan in Pakistan Market. Management of ICEF specially Mr Nabil Najif, Hannah Brust were outstanding in terms of event organising and cooperation. Edify Group

will continue to attend ICEF events in Future.